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Photo - Alison LowryALISON LOWRY has been in the publishing industry for 30 years, as an author, editor, publisher and chief executive. Most of her career has been with Penguin Books, the company she led for 10 years until 2012. She has looked after the writing careers and published authors such as Damon Galgut, Marguerite Poland, Ceridwen Dovey, Gareth Crocker, Shaun Johnson, David Lambkin, Martinique Stilwell, Mamphela Ramphele, Greg Mills, Reuel Khoza, and John van de Ruit, among many others. Van de Ruit’s series of Spud titles broke all South African publishing records and all four books continue to dominate the bestseller charts since the first one, Spud, was published in 2006.  Click www.alisonlowry.co.za to visit Alison Lowry’s website.

Photo - Tracey McDonaldTRACEY McDONALD has been in the publishing industry for thirteen years. Her career at Penguin Books began in 2001, and in the role of sales and marketing director, she has sold, marketed and publicised bestselling authors such as Jamie Oliver, Marian Keyes, Lesley Pearse, John van de Ruit, Stephenie Meyer, Clive Cussler, Patrick Holford, Alexander McCall Smith, Lauren Liebenberg and Jeff Kinney of Diary of a Wimpy Kid fame, to name but a few. Having left Penguin she now owns I Love Books where she focuses on creating 360o sales, marketing (inclusive of social media) & publicity plans for South African writers – published, about to publish, and hoping to publish. Click www.ilovebooks.co.za to visit I Love Books’ website.

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    One thought on “About Alison and Tracey

    1. Hi There Alison and Tracey.
      As mentioned to Alison a couple of years ago, I am keen to try and get my selfpublished book, picked up by a main line publisher.
      Please let me know what I need to do to try and get my book in front of you both?
      Looking forward to reply.


      MASK OF THE FUFURA the sotsee invasion. by STEVE CARTER
      Adventure fantasy. Aimed at 9-12 year olds, but has been well received by all age groups.
      Deep story line with issues that the hero Ted has to resolve, such as mending a broken family, and dealing with the school bully.Presently published by authorhouse UK, as a POD paper back, and eBook.
      So far I have sold around 300 copies, which have been well liked by those who have given me feed back. Some kids have read it front to back in a weekend. Hopefully that is a good indicator? Dusanka Stojakovic read the book and enjoyed it, saying that she thought that it would be “publishable”.
      I think I have something fresh, which has its roots set in Africa, ( I’m Zimbabwean living overseas.) and that this adventure could be a fresh change from wizzards and flying dragons.
      website maskofthefufura.com

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