Nici Lovemore – This fledgling writer left The Suitcase Under the Bed Seminar enthused and enlightened and even more inspired to wallow and grow in the sheer joy of writing. We were privy to a priceless wealth of relevant insider knowledge, shared in an empathetic, unselfish and highly engaging manner by Alison and Tracey. A professional, unique, uplifting seminar that will have you rushing to unlock that suitcase with glee.

Megan Chronis – It was a privilege to be given a backstage pass into the world of book publishing, a world in which all aspiring authors fervently hope they’ll one day have VIP status. Alison and Tracey shared their extensive knowledge and expertise, spurring us on with their advice and tips even as they exposed the harsh realities of rising to the top of slush piles, finding agents, and throwing a book launch on a budget smaller than the average Sandton toddler’s birthday party. I highly recommend this course if you want to learn how book publishing really works.

Mitzi Booysens – Exactly what every unpublished writer needs:  2 kind and encouraging publishers to generously and wittily share a wealth of expertise. Tracey and Alison don’t sugar coat anything and yet somehow you go home with renewed hope and determination to drag that suitcase out from under the bed .

Howard Drake – Despite having spent months trying to understand what lay ahead in the publishing world I still felt like a first-time swimmer in a white squall! I now feel confident I know what stroke to use when, for what effect, and in which circumstance.

Paul Nobes – A very well presented seminar, delivered in a very realistic & factual way. Having attended the seminar I have so much more confidence to complete my writing to a published product.  Thank you Tracey & Alison!

Patrick MundellThe Suitcase Under the Bed seminar is a perfect wake-up call and inspiration for aspirant writers. I fail to see how it would not be of great benefit to anyone wishing to take this daunting, but exciting, step.

Ari Naidoo – A place for budding authors to bloom. A worthwhile day to decide if you’re doing the ‘write’ thing.

Joan CampbellThe Suitcase Under the Bed Seminar was a very in-depth and informative glimpse into the publishing world. I came away from it with a much deeper appreciation of the fact that publishing is a business and my book is the potential product that needs to be sold. The seminar also helped me explore my reasons for writing and the goals I want to accomplish, an important part of deciding on the best route to publishing my book. I was inspired by the two authors who came to share their personal stories because it reminded me that, with hard work and perseverance, my publishing dream can be accomplished.

Rene du Plessis – I now find my journey as an author clearly mapped out before me and know that I need to instil better planning, structure and research into my process to ensure the best outcome for my current and future novels.

Joanne Kisbey-Green – I recently attended Tracey McDonald and Alison Lowrys’ seminar ‘Suitcase Under the Bed’. It was very worthwhile and made me more aware of the publication process. While the stats were dismaying, Tracey and Alison were very positive and supportive. I came away feeling motivated and with a clearer sense of the direction I need to be moving in. I recommend it to anyone who has written, or is thinking of writing a book.

Stella Noble – I arrived at the latest The Suitcase Under the Bed seminar brimming with enthusiasm and an eagerness to write The World’s Next Best Novel.  Tracey and Alison took the stand and put me firmly back to square one.  Their wake-up call was sobering.  By lunch I wanted to grab my handbag and quietly slip away.  Good thing I stayed.  Thank you Tracey and Alison for a great adventure into your world, a world I now think I have a better understanding of.  I will keep on writing, maybe for all the wrong reasons.

Lindsey Sanderson – I found the seminar very stimulating. It met all my expectations and I learnt a great deal. It was well organised. It was a good opportunity to meet Alison and Tracey. Both of them inspiring and dedicated. I also enjoyed meeting the two authors and connecting with other aspirant writers. Thank you.

Hadassah DannhauserThe Suitcase Under the Bed Seminar inspired me to dust off all those cobwebs, plunge back into writing and to do so boldly and with a belief in myself that what I’m writing is as worthy of publication as anyone else’s work. The great value of the seminar for me was that that it gave clear, step-by-step guidelines for the various avenues of book publishing one can follow, as well as the pros and cons, plus loads and loads more!

Shirley Higgins – Alison and Tracey are a fun, but formidable, team. They shared their considerable experience generously, and they take their audience (the seminar participants) seriously. They know all there is to know about publishing, and you will definitely benefit from one of their seminars.

K Garcia – Thank you for an informative, thorough and professional presentation of the publishing industry. It was my time and money well-spent. I also found the information from both Alison and Tracey to be delightfully sincere; the atmosphere was relaxed, warm and supportive.

Sandy Goulding – I felt privileged to attend on a wonderful book-related seminar run by ex-Penguin CEO Alison Lowry and former Marketing Director Tracey McDonald. A wealth of relevant publishing-related material shared, two published authors talking about their experiences and networking with other writers passionate about the written word. Very inspiring!

Pamela Sheriffs – Really nice to hear it all from the horse’s mouth – these two know the industry inside out.

Barbara van der WantThe Suitcase under the Bed Seminar is a day very well spent. It gives exactly what it promises – Practical Advice about Publishing for Aspirant Writers – clearly, comprehensively and professionally, and more besides. Alison and Tracey are generous in the sharing of the insight, wisdom and sheer nous they have gained from their years of experience in publishing. They work very well together, they know what they’re doing, they care about it – what a pleasure!

Kim Holmes - I enjoyed The Suitcase Under the Bed publishing seminar. It’s clear that Alison and Tracey are both industry experts and they generously shared their publishing and marketing experience and tips. The two published authors were engaging, honest and shared their publishing journeys with the group openly as well. All in all a very worthwhile day!

Dominique Malherbe – For anyone who is nearing the end of their book, I would not hesitate to recommend this seminar. The advice on ways of submitting your manuscript and the thorough explanations on the vagaries of the publishing industry were invaluable!

Gareth Crocker, author of Finding Jack and Journey from Darkness - If only The Suitcase Under the Bed Seminar was available when I was starting out. Not only would it have saved me a great deal of heartache, but I’m convinced that I would’ve become a published author far sooner than was actually the case. What’s particularly valuable about The Suitcase Under the Bed is that you’re dealing with some of the finest and most experienced minds in South African publishing. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Lauren Liebenberg, author of The Voluptuous Delights of Peanut Butter and Jam and The West Rand Jive Cats Boxing Club – Getting published is no mean ambition – from my own experience, I can confidently say that self-immolation would be less painful and certainly quicker! Tracey and Alison are a formidable duo – an unrivalled repository of publishing expertise – and  I only wish I had had access to such a life buoy when I was trying to get out of the slush pile!



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