For writers who have ambitions to see their work published in one format or another – or indeed several different formats, from traditional print, to ebook, to downloadable pdf files – the route to publication can be something of a minefield.

Alison Lowry and Tracey McDonald, both of whom have many years of experience in the publishing industry, can help you navigate your way through that minefield. Whether you are hoping for a commercial book publishing contract or are pondering the pros and cons of self-publishing, their separate and combined guidance and expertise, and a thorough understanding of how the book world works, will give you invaluable insight to how best to go about this.

In today’s tough commercial world, there are many routes to market available to aspiring authors, but the first and most important way to have the best chance of getting there is, firstly, identifying and understanding what your own hopes and expectations are and, secondly, getting your manuscript into the best possible shape before you launch it into the world. For this you may need sound editorial advice and Alison Lowry is well positioned to help you.

Once your book is out in the market, in whatever shape or form, it isn’t enough just to know that it is available. The importance of marketing and publicity, particularly via the powerful platforms that social media offers today, may make the difference between your book being just another novel or memoir circulating in the vast ocean of indistinguishable material available or the one that everyone is talking about and wants to read. Tracey McDonald’s expertise in this area of marketing and selling yourself and your work could help you gain competitive advantage and get you and your book noticed and purchased.

Together, Alison and Tracey are an indomitable team and their connections and experience of the publishing industry may just give you the edge you need.

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