Secrets to designing your eBook cover

Are you self-publishing your own eBook?  If so click HERE to read a good article (written by Kristen Eckstein for The Future of Ink’s website) on what to take into consideration when you are designing your cover.

This is what Kristen starts out with …

When it comes to your eBook cover, I cannot stress enough how important it is to look professional.

If your cover looks like it was created in Microsoft Word, your book sales will be directly affected and even your credibility may be at stake.

Most people, especially those who spend hours online, are visual creatures. When we’re searching the web, an interesting thing happens. Pay attention to your own browsing habits.

When you browse through eBooks on Amazon, how many times do you click on the picture of the book cover image versus just the title that usually appears next to it?

We almost always gravitate towards clicking the picture because that’s what we’re looking at. Our eyes are drawn to the image. If they can’t see the image clearly in that tiny little thumbnail in an Amazon search, then potential buyers are going to pass right over it.

So if your cover, especially as a thumbnail image, is so important, what are the secrets to making it stand out from your competition?

Continue reading the article (HERE) for Kristen’s secrets to a great eBook cover, covering these five key elements:

Secret #1: Title Design

Secret #2: Art and Photos

Secret #3: Branding

Secret #4: Study what Works

Secret #5: Beware the Template


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